Saturday, April 03, 2010

No abortion for raped 10 year old Mayan girl

This is the first I've seen of this case but we'll probably be seeing more as it unravels in public scrutiny. The Catholic Church has done it's best to restrict access to abortion in Mexico although there is little popular support for the prohibition. Mexico is not a popular democracy and that's exactly the way the Catholic Church likes it.

The biggest mistake the Mexicans made with the filthy black robed scum was not killing them all when they had the chance because now they're back and worse than ever. The Legionaries of Christ are especially strong in Mexico. The priests that make up this order are every one, degenerates, perverts and rapists, preying on the poorest and weakest members of society and aiding the wealthy to do likewise..


Cut and Shoot said...

I've been to Mexico City and to Monterrey. Mexico City is history, Monterrey is the future.

beebsblog said...

Why isn't the Catholic church sued under the RICO statutes since it is a criminal enterprise with all this child rape? RICO trebles actual damages as punitive.

I had no idea the pope was and is involved in the conspiracy to cover it all up.

Shut them down, vicars of Xrist indeed.