Friday, April 23, 2010

The Tea Party is a Fraud

Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Glen Beck and many other leaders of America's new Tea Party movement, say that America is a "Christian" nation. They scoff at the idea that church and state should be separated. They believe that Islam is an evil religion because it fosters aggression and violence against the Christian West. Never mind that the real opposition to the "Christian" West by Islam is unrelated to it's Christianity and centers on the West's support for the creation of the Zionist state of Israel, on land historically controlled and legally owned by Islamic peoples. They point to terrorist activity by Islamic fundamentalist extremists as examples of aggression that we in the West, although in practice almost exclusively America, must punish.  They are happy with the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as the instrument of this punishment. It doesn't matter to them that these wars bankrupt our country. It doesn't matter that they are seen in the Islamic World as continuations of the Crusades and will cause hatred between us for another thousand years. It doesn't matter to them that the degree of death, displacement and destruction caused by these wars, in these countries, is far out of proportion to any of the same caused by the Islamic fundamentalist terrorism that these wars are supposedly in response to. It doesn't even matter that the government or people of Iraq did not, strictly speaking, qualify as supporters of the kind of Wahhabi inspired fundamentalist terrorism that we were responding to and that neither did the Afghans, mostly poor ignorant devils who have never had a functioning indigenous government at any time in their long, scantily recorded history. Just kill some sand niggers, that should be a good enough reason to go to war, is the extent of their reasoning.

I don't recognize any difference between fundamentalist Islam and fundamentalist Christianity. Neither are up to any good.

On the home front, the Tea Partiers want Christianity recognized as the sanctioned American religion of past and present. They see liberals as ancient adversaries, servants of Satan out to destroy America and its true Christian citizens. Liberals include welfare recipients, homos, unions, atheists, Planned Parenthood, the liberal, intellectual elite that supposedly control America's educational establishment and scientists of every stripe, all of whom work tirelessly to destroy our Christian nation and heritage. It's probably not more than a few percent of the population. They turn a blind eye to the bloated, governmental bureaucracy, that we could never afford in the first place, that grants generous salaries and out sized lifetime benefits to it's uncountable millions of denizens, resulting in military, political and so called public safety employees that garner fat pensions, often after only a few years of employment and all the others after not much longer.  They applaud the wholesale giveaway of our national resources to corporate interests and beat the drum endlessly for lower taxes, not control of the entitlements or cushy jobs that they themselves are eager to partake of.

When somebody does stand up, Ron Paul and his followers for example and agitates actively against the real threat of excessive government spending and the unrestricted printing of money that debases the hard earned savings of frugal, hard working Americans, they are ignored and dismissed as lunatics.

The Tea Party will never accomplish anything good. Unfortunately, we will probably just have to wait until the whole shebang collapses under its own weight of fiscal impossibility. Then it will be really bad for awhile. The smart money is busy looking for ways to survive that. The smart money may not include many that are categorized as liberals but surely even fewer Tea Partiers.

Buy guns. Grow a garden. Keep chickens, goats and pigs. Build a still. Make good friends. Keep your head down.


Buck said...

I haven't anything intelligent to add but wanted to say thanks for writing this.

reddog said...

Thank you, Mr Buck and thanks for the tomato advice. I have high hopes.

Cut and Shoot said...

Your comment "on land historically controlled and legally owned by Islamic peoples."

Jews have lived there for 3 or 4 thousand years. They have owned land there by buying from the Palestinians.

Those that left in 1948 did so because the neighboring Arab countries promised them a quick war and destruction of the Jews.

Didn't happen. Those that remained in Israel have more rights and a better standard of living than the ones who left and those who live in neighboring lands.