Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jindal Staffer and Boyfriend Beaten Savagely.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's campaign fundraiser and her boyfriend, were severely beaten about a week ago after exiting a swank restaurant in New Orleans. This lady's leg was broken in four places and the boyfriend suffered a concussion, a broken jaw and nose.

I'm not making light of the injuries that this young couple suffered. They are terrible and will take many months and substantial therapy to recover from.  They will bear the scars and perhaps residual deficits for life.

I hope that the NOPD are able to identify the attackers, arrest and put them away. It won't help if they spend their time looking for violent Left Wing fanatics. That is the word that swept across the Wing Nut Web. They are either ultra violent Gay commandos, you know, the real butch ones or SEIU thugs laying in wait  to do the Union's dirty business. They may be the same guys that torched Sarah's Church last year in Wasilla. Everyone knows that those Lefties are blood thirsty killers intent on targeting heterosexual, Christian, White people and setting off an internal war of racial/religious/sexual preference, that will end up with all the straight, Christian, White people in relocation centers bound for the Obama's gas chambers.

How do they know that the attack on these two fine young people was politically motivated? It's obvious, they were wearing their Palin buttons.

After you finish reading the Freeper post that the link at the top of this post will take you to, don't forget to hit the link on that page to the Hayride. Those folks have a slightly different take on the  origins of the violence. They believe that it was perpetrated by a violent radical group that runs a collective lending library. When you're talking murderous Lefties, everyone knows it's the readers who are the most dangerous. These Hayride guys are not wrapped up in blind Obama hate though, they explore all the possibilities of possible origins of the evil doers, including the possibility that they were just a pack of rogue anarcho-commies left over from another era, who were just passing by and sent into an uncontrollable rage at the sight of Young Republicans in love.

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Cut and Shoot said...

If it had been an Obama staffer we would have been inundated with "hate crime" headlines, a deluge of FBI agents flying into New Orleans, and Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on TV 24 hours non-stop. You know the drill.