Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Brownie Speaks

I saw Michael Brown interviewed this afternoon by Anderson Cooper. The reason that he was interviewed is that he intimated on his Right Wing radio talk show, that Barry and his administration had so far bungled the federal handling of the Louisiana oil spill and more than that, desire for the oil spill to do as much ecological damage as possible to the American coastline, in order to stop offshore drilling forever and vilify big oil.

Cooper repeatedly quoted from Brown's radio show transcript and asked what basis he had to imply these things. Mr Brown was unable to respond in any substantive manner.

Mr Brown as you will recall, was Ws FEMA director during the early days of Hurricane Katrina. He was most successful previous to that, in a position promoting the husbandry and exhibition of registered Arabian horses.

I really admire Arabian horses, small, sturdy, intelligent equines that excel in almost every way. American mustangs, descended from mounts brought by the Spanish conquistadors, have a lot of Arabian lineage. I'm sure they would have done OK without Brownie's help.

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