Monday, May 24, 2010

Together in Heaven

Brittany Murphy, a movie actress in her early 30s, died several months ago, of nebulous causes. Her husband, Simon Monjack, who wasn't that much older, died yesterday, probably of those same causes.

Errol Flynn and Micheal Jackson at least lasted into their 50s. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are pretty run down but still hanging on. Charley Sheen is doing fine and even just got a big raise. Brittany and Simon must have been blow torching the candle at both ends.

I would guess that Brittany and Simon made some seriously bad lifestyle choices. It's pretty hard to kill yourself in your 30s. I don't even think they had much fun, which for me, has always been the main justification for bad lifestyle choices. What a Bummer.


Contrary Gary said...

Here in my little part of paradise you see a lot of skinny guys and gals. Your first impression is that they are incredibly health conscious. But then you look closer and see sunken cheeks and dead eyes. Meth freaks.

reddog said...

Very few meth heads around here. There used to be, 30-40 years ago but they can't afford the rent any more and all moved inland, along with the skinhead Nazis and oil field roughnecks. There's till a lot of Mexicans but the families buddy up in small apartments. They can't commute. They pedal bikes or take the bus.

The crime rate is very low now but I miss'em. I like a diverse community.

Gary, Gary, quite Contrary said...

"I like a diverse community."

Well, I've heard that Compton has a multitude of diversity. Are you planning to move there soon? Or are you a SUV Liberal?

Oil field roughnecks in L.A.? Not in recent memory I'd think. Maybe up in the Bakersfield area....

reddog said...

The California coastal oil deposits were some of the richest ever discovered anywhere. They've been pumping away for 120 years and still are. The workers come in for a week or two at a time and live barrack style on the fields. They used to live in town with their families, down town. Those lots go for a million minimum now. They all sold out.

Compton and North Long Beach are both pretty crime free now. Not too diverse, mostly Hispanic. Blacks mostly sold out long ago and took easy real estate profits. California has the toughest welfare laws in the country. It makes a difference in who stays and who goes.

My neighborhood is extremely diverse, it's just expensive. My house has been paid for twenty years, so I'm not going anywhere. I'd like to live somewhere with good public transportation but it doesn't make sense right now. Maybe when I get older.