Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Elmer Gantry took it in the ass.

Here's a great story. The guy who partnered with James Dobson to found his evangelical fundamentalist Christian empire, recently hired a young Gay prostitute to accompany him on a sunny vacation trip abroad. They shared a room. The guy doesn't deny it. Whats to deny, it happened.

I think most of these fundamentalist, evangelical Christian leaders are Gay. The job calls out for the same kind of sensitive, artsy showmanship that is required for interior decoration, hairstyling, high fashion design or Broadway musical choreography. Effective evangelical preaching is almost a universal stereotype crying out for a a Gay personality.

Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Robert Schuller, Oral Roberts, Paul Crouch, Benny Hinn, Bishop Fulton Sheen, name one, they're all Gay. In public they puff up, wave their gaudily ring and Rolex adorned hands about, smooth out their bouffant hairstyles, swish around in shiny, Italian designer suits and lisp loudly about the sin of homosexuality. In private, they long for a quiet, soft skinned, sensitive young man with white teeth and a big penis.

What a crack up.


Cut and Shoot said...

Watch out, David. You are defaming gays. The Thought Police will be watching you now.

reddog said...

You got to watch yourself defaming Gays. You got to watch yourself defaming Christianity.

You're on pretty safe ground if you go after closeted Gay clergy that preach homophobia though. I figure if you can do something and you feel like it, do it. I don't think the Churches will come after me. They're pretty sensitive about the Gay connections of many prominent leaders.

I hear the Methodists are rescoring their hymns to the melodies of Broadway show tunes.

I don't think the Government will come after me. They have a lot of other irons in the fire.