Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fire that Nun and Send Her Straight to Hell

A nun working as an administrator at a Catholic hospital in Arizona has been fired from her job and excommunicated from the Church.

She was the on call administrator when a woman, 11 weeks pregnant, was admitted to the hospital with a condition that would make it impossible for her to continue the pregnancy and live. The patient wanted to have an abortion. Her doctor wanted to give it to her. The administrator's option was to allow the woman to die or permit her doctors to perform an abortion. She OK'd the abortion.

This nun could have had the woman transferred to another hospital, one that did allow therapeutic abortion. That would have been a decision that saved her career and her immortal soul. In that case, the pregnant woman's condition may have been further jeopardized by the transfer process and possibly having to switch doctors at the new hospital.

The Catholic Church can run their religion any way they want, I really don't give a shit but you know what? This nun doesn't sound like the kind of woman I'd be eager to kick out of my church. I absolutely think she did the right thing. I'd give her an attaboy, maybe make her employee of the month, put her picture up in the lobby, next to the one of the Hispanic lady that cleans all the toilets so good. Wouldn't you?

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