Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jebby Bush Gets His 72nd Virgin The Easy Way

Devout Catholic convert and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's youngest child, John Ellis Bush Jr., youngest of "the little brown ones" and famous for enjoying public sex in shopping center parking lots, affectionately known in the family as Jebby, was married today. Little information was released on the bride's background, named as Sandra Mary Algudady. Not a lot of pictures of the bride surfaced in the media or on the Internet, following the wedding but in the pictures of her I saw, she seemed quite comely .

Do you suppose she could be, in fact, Sandra al Gudady, precocious Bedouin wonder girl of Iraqi/Jordanian descent, former close adviser to the King of Jordan and currently, glamorous, jet setting, multi continental, business executive? This dirt dishing, tabloid reporter wannabe bets maybe. I could be wrong. Maybe she's an adventurous shop girl from Nordstrom's  Jebby met on her lunch break, out in the parking lot.

I don't know Sandra's a Muslim but if she's an al Gudady, I bet she is. Maybe she and her new husband can stop by the White House soon and chew the ol' prayer rug awhile with Barrack Hussein.

The Bush clan is known for either bringing in good breeding stock or marrying up if they can. The last generation of Bush boys had to pretty much take what they could get and lucky to get it, marriage wise. Looks like Jebby might be making up for that on both counts.

Congrats Jebby!

Go here for a slide show of the wedding from the Miami Herald. I'd post the photos but the paper is charging for the images and I'm on the zero$ budget plan.

Here's the only picture of Sandra al Gudady I could find on the Web. Sorry it's not better. Do you think it's the same girl? This picture is probably at least a few years old. Jebby's bride is said to be 30 years of age. He is 26.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting it's the Sandra al-Gudady that you found. So another Bush family connection to the Middle East. How conVENient! Wonder where the newlyweds will be living? The bride seems to have been employed by a foundation based in London the past few years.

Contrary said...

Comely is a nice way of saying homely. And she is.

Remember that the Bushes are interlopers from Connecticut. None of them are truly Texan. Both Georges like to pretend otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sandra is a Canadian Catholic, parents from the Middle East. Very well educated with a knowledge of three major languages.

summer said...

Yep, it's her -


Sandra al-Gudady – Head of Strategic Partnerships

Sandra al-Gudady was appointed Head of Strategic Partnerships to identify, develop, and facilitate partnership opportunities between existing and potential partners and benefactors who share the StratREAL Foundation’s commitment to children and young people. Having worked and lived in the Middle East, Sandra brings a first-hand understanding of Middle Eastern culture and the Arabic language, which have been essential for the development of Foundation programmes in the region. On this, she works closely with The StratREAL Foundation USA.

Sandra joined the Foundation in 2007 after two years at the office of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, former Crown Prince of Jordan, where she worked as a researcher. She has previously worked at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from McGill University in Montreal. Her thesis argued that the assimilation experiences of recent immigrants are based on their status in the country of origin. Combined, her academic and work experiences make her a strong asset to The StratREAL Foundation’s team. Sandra is a Canadian citizen.
Nicole Ramelow-Schmidt – Partnership Consultant

Nicole’s appointment as the Foundation’s partnership Consultant has been specifically approved to develop partnerships with major non-governmental organisations working in international development. Nicole’s current priorities focus upon the development of joint programmes in the education sector, with the objective of increasing interest in, and developing the appropriate skills for, entrepreneurialism amongst children and young people. Nicole brings with her an impressive knowledge of international charities and NGOs.

And good grief; why in the world would she marry Jebby? He's been arrested for public drunkeness in Texas and I think the only job he's ever had is working for his father's "foundation." Oh wait, he was also "promoted" by his father to be the "Family Spokesperson" on literacy. Whatever that means. (Has Jebby ever read a book?) Just asking. And where was Noelle for this wedding?

Anonymous said...

She's catholic not that it matters. Her family has been catholic for over 1000 years. You know, Jesus was from the Middle east after all, not Engalnd, and supposedly her dad was Aramaic (language spoken by Jesus). Genetically she is more related to Jesus than anyone in Congress. Again not that it should matter, but just for historical accuracy.

Check out Dave Chappele As a blind racist leader skit