Thursday, May 27, 2010


My determinate tomato plant now has 25 or thirty small tomatoes set on and is still blooming profusely. The indeterminate plant has one tomato set on. It is also beginning to bloom plentifully and I have no reason to believe it will not also be a big producer. The two plants are simply following different schedules.

Each plant had one outlier fruit develop much earlier than the others. My hypothesis is that the plant produces this outlier  in order to test that conditions are favorable and then sends a hormonal feedback to the plant, stimulating it to increase blooming. It seems like the logical explanation.

I have never read that this is true but I bet it is. See if your plants don't produce a very early outlier and let me know.


Buck said...

I think it's typical to get the odd red tomato ahead of schedule. I never paid it much attention, but I like the way you thought about it.

Did the red tomato influence your choice of photos this time? I think the woman on the masthead is beautiful, and being under water, she seems perfect for a submariner's blog!

reddog said...

No, it's just one of my Red Head/Freckles themed collections. Red Heads are the only ethnic/racial group I feel any strong connection to.

We're not organized, angry or militant, so it's a good match for me. We acknowledge each others presence. Mind you, it's only the light Red Heads I'm in solidarity with. I don't have any truck with those dark ones, you know, the ones that can actually tan. They're so uppity.