Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you think he will learn his lesson?

Bernard Kerik is going to prison today to serve his sentence for perjury and tax evasion. I don't think he should have to go to prison. He's no criminal mastermind, just a big dumb oaf who learned in the NYPD to go along and get along. He had reason to trust the men he was colluding with would protect him. One of them was the President of the United States.

It doesn't signify anything. Republican and Democrat luminaries both end up in jail. If more Republicans go than Dems, it's only because the Republicans have more money and it leaves an easier trail for law enforcement to follow.

They should just let Bernard go home.


Steve Harkonnen said...

There's a reason they serve chipped beef in prison.

It's because no Republicans are there to hate it.

cut and shoot said...

Republicans have more money? Like George Soros? Warren Buffet? The Kennedy family?

Democrats hauled in almost a billion dollars in contributions in 2008. Republicans got about 300 to 400 million.