Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nice House

You don't always see good real estate deals advertised in the metropolitan LA area. This is one. You could probably get it even cheaper than the offered price.

If you don't mind living in the San Fernando Valley and you have half a million to burn, this may be the place for you. Seems to be right up against the foothills, which probably means an affluent neighborhood. Probably not a great view though or they would have put in a picture of that.

With the current prevalence for McMansions, the landscaped, park like grounds with multiple major water features are a big plus. It's probably 20 miles from the beach in Santa Monica. Weekend drives to Santa Barbara would be a snap.

It also has a lot of bathrooms. Ample availability of a quiet place to shit is important. Especially as you get older.


Cut and Shoot said...

Not much diversity or vibrancy out there in the suburbs.

reddog said...

In SoCal, the suburbs are where the Wingnuts are.