Saturday, May 15, 2010


Barry O's two Supreme Court nominees are very interesting so far. They are not, as the Right wants to characterize them, any kind of firebrand, Commie or feminist radicals. They are something even more dangerous and the Right really doesn't even get it yet.

These two girls are entirely different from Sandra O'Conner and Ruth Ginsberg, they grew up much later and are at the leading edge of what perhaps the generations of American women to come will be like. It isn't the case that they did not have a strict, traditional and disciplined upbringing, they did. What's new about them is that they chose to reject totally, traditional feminine roles and society had changed enough by the time they came of age, that they were allowed to. They are strict believers in the virtues of meritocracy. Both had religious training and both rejected it. Both have clearly chosen not to participate in even a token display of familial domesticity in their personal lives. These are not women who have ever utilized the wiles of feminine sexuality to further their ambitions. Both of these ladies are not only extremely smart but focused and through tenacity and hard work have come out at the very top of the heap in every endeavor they put their hand to. I don't know if either one or both of them is homosexual, even if it turns out to be the case, it seems to me that both of these ladies have mostly chosen to steer clear of serious relationships in favor of single life. Still, if they did ever come out as lesbians, it would be icing on the cake.

Kagan and Sotomeyer may turn out to be very strict conservatives in areas like criminal justice, free enterprise, the military, homeland security and giveaway entitlements  but I bet they turn out to be the worst nightmare of those that want to find the enshrinement of traditional family and Christian religious values in the Constitution of the United States of America. They may take the protection of civil rights for Americans who make non traditional lifestyle choices to a whole new level. With them on the Court, the need for an equal rights amendment becomes moot.

Some may think that Barry doesn't know what he's doing in this. I doubt that. This is a guy that was mostly raised by his grandmother, a strong, successful, emancipated woman who succeeded head to head against men in the workplace and very unusual in her generation. He knows exactly what he's doing.

I can hardly wait to see who he puts on the Court next. I would guess that it will be yet another woman. I think he should put Michelle on. That would burst a few blood vessels in Wingnut heads.


Cut and Shoot said...

"They are strict believers in the virtues of meritocracy."

Yeah, right. Both are affirmative action appointees.

reddog said...

I'm not sure you have a handle on what affirmative action is. Clarence Thomas benefited from affirmative action policies. He did fine at Harvard Law and is bitter today because people regard him as having been a less than adequate, student, which is not true.

Elena and Sonia are in an entirely different league than Clarence, both in their academic and professional histories. They were far beyond adequate. I'm sure that they both got ample scholarship funding but it had nothing to do with affirmative action. If Sonia had been a little stupider or less focused, like Clarence, she would have qualified for affirmative action admission and financial aid. Ashkenazi Jews like Elena may be a minority but like East and South Asians, are grossly over represented demographically at institutions of higher learning. They suffer from anti affirmative action, having to be substantially better than the norm to even gain admission and generally don't get any kind of financial aid, since their families are regarded as willing and able to sacrifice in order to foot the bills.

Cut and Shoot said...

Yeah, sure, if you say so.

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