Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kentucky Fire Drill

The Republican GOP in Kentucky had their candidate for the Senate seat there all lined up for the primary vote. A guy named Trey Greyson. They thought he was just about perfect. Ivy League but heavy into Mom, apple pie, scapegoat the Gays and jail the abortion doctors until they come to Jesus.

Then a funny thing happened. The voters didn't like him. Instead, they like Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, who the Republican establishment for years have been trying to paint as out on the fringe and unstable kooks because of their libertarian outlook on social issues and extreme fiscal conservatism.

It has become clear that Rand is going to win the primary. It's also clear that Paul has the potential to attract socially moderate and even liberal leaning independents in the November general election, not that Kentucky is in danger of electing any Democratic senators anytime soon. In the last week, would be Republican king makers are tripping all over themselves offering their endorsements to the younger Paul. Sarah Palin, James Dobson and Jim DeMent so far and likely more to come. You can't get any better than that if you want the votes of the Republican base.

Poor Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate leader, who also happens to be the senior senator from Kentucky, has already gone all in for Trey and can't back out now or can he? Maybe Trey can be made to realize he needs to devote more time to his family.


Cut and Shoot said...

I'm beginning to see a trend. Crist is out in Florida. Numerous democrats around the country retiring to spend more time with their familes. Even commies in California are walking up. Boxer will hopefully retire. And hopefully that chameleon, Arnie, will go back to Hollywood where he can go back to groping starlets.

beebsblog said...

I read on Drudge, I think, that the Grand Old Party is gearing up its smear machine to douche out Rand Paul.

So much for "Grand".