Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alexander Haig Is Dead

Some people didn't think much of Alexander Haig. You have to evaluate him from the context of him being a military guy. He might seem to most to have been a fascist but in the context of his military background he was a relative moderate

When Watergate broke, Alexander Haig was working in the White House, very close to President Nixon. To many in the White House at the time, it didn't seem like that big a deal. He understood the situation right away. He got the Hell out of there quick and he took his friends with him.

Never waste time fortifying an indefensible position. You never leave a buddy behind. The rules of a soldier are simple, what's hard is remembering to follow them in a crisis.


Anonymous said...

I was on local ops on the USTAFISH back when Ronnie Raygun was shot. I was JOOD when the message came in.

Gen. Haig sent flash traffic to all ships and subs that the government was still there. Thank goodness for that.

reddog said...

I think he was Chief of Staff for Nixon and Sec. State for Reagan. I always kind of admired him for the I'm in control here at the White House statement. I think he was misunderstood.

Perhaps at that moment of time, at the White House, after the shooting, he was in control.