Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ron Paul

If you want some idea of where the Republican Party is going, you need to look at last week's CPAC convention straw poll for Presidential candidates.

Last year, Mitt Romney won, as he had other times in the past. This year Romney tied for third with Sarah Palin, down in the mid single digits. Dr Ron Paul from Texas, was the head and shoulders winner with an astounding 31%, largely unsolicited popularity overall.

Google the results, they will blow you away.

Part of the so called conservative movement in America is fixated on bigoted and exclusionary Christian fundamentalist social issues, reminescent of the 1950s Red and race baiting mix of super patriotic nationalism. More and more, the educated, thoughtful members of the Right Wing are moving straight toward positions based on small government Libertarianism.

The party leadership and the Christers have been jeering at and denigrating Dr Paul for almost 30 years. They have done everything they can to deny that he has any mainstream appeal. Dr Paul is now in his late seventies and the activity level required to maintain his seat in Congress and lead his national movement is taking a toll on him. He gets no money or support from the National party structure.

There he stands, the most resonant Republican voice in America today. I'm not suggesting he will be the Party's candidate in 2012 or ever. I am saying that the Republican party is heading for a change.

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cut and shoot said...

He has too many links to the extreme far right such as John Birch Society.

He's toast.

I'm conservative but I would never vote for him. Go Sarah.