Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everybody gets a private jet

The President rides around in a huge private Boeing 747. I think the President has had his own private airliner since Truman. Admirals and Generals often ride around in private jets. Congressional bigwigs get private jets.

I think it's a stupid idea, even for the President.

Has anybody here seen the TV show "Criminal Minds"? In this show an FBI team that investigates serial murders around the country, routinely travels around in a luxurious private jet. The fact that this is portrayed as a routine occurrence on the show makes me really mad for some reason. What the fuck is that all about? They could get wherever they need to go just as fast flying economy or even business class, if economy isn't good enough.

I always travel as cheaply as possible. Everybody should, especially civil servants, unless it is some kind of real national emergency. If the FEEBs need to get somewhere quick they can bump me off my economy flight out of Dulles or JFK. I'll understand. They'll get wherever they're going just as quick as on a private jet, 9 times out of 10, without the extravagant expense.

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