Monday, February 22, 2010

Church Burning Gay Commandos Nabbed.

You probably saw in the news that they arrested a couple of young guys for burning down all those Thumper churches in East Texas. I saw pictures of them. They looked like the same kind of black dirt ignorant, meth snorting, redneck scumbags that Texas is full of. The kind whose parents go to exactly the type of churches they are accused of burning down.

You can never tell about these things though. There's been a lot of speculation that these guys are members of the same Gay Liberation Commando organization that burned down Sarah Hivehead's church in Alaska last year and everyone knows they are wicked clever with disguises and such. It's easy for them. They all have advanced degrees in cosmetology, hairstyling and urban warfare from various Commie beauty schools of the Castro district in San Francisco. There's thousands of them training there to terrorize our homeland and force everyone, even your old white haired mother, to become analsexuals. Mexicans help smuggle them to their terrorist targets, because they hate us almost as much as Homos do. How can you guard against something like that?

I'm sure when the full truth comes out, everyone will be surprised and God's good traditionally married, heterosexual, White people, will rise up and reclaim their birthright of a young Earth, creationist paradise. It'll happen. As sure as the Earth is flat, Mary was a virgin and God has a long white beard.


Cut and Shoot said...

Oh, senor, you have such a way with words.

Hivehead? That was funny.

By the way, you're going to burn in hell. Ha.

reddog said...

There's no Hell. I'll just be dead.