Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Bible Lesson For Today

Christians get a bad rap a lot of the time. Just because Christianity has been a dominant force in Western society for two thousand years, people want to blame Christianity for everything bad that happened. If that were really the case, then Christianity is also responsible for everything good that happened.

The truth is, that it's people that made everything happen, good and bad. People are also the ones that made up Christianity in the first place, to help them make things happen. Not God, Jesus, his mother or any of the hundreds of saints that have been proclaimed had anything to do with anything and if they did, it was because they were people acting the way people do and not divinely inspired in any way.

I'm not saying that a lot of Christians, especially the leaders, aren't total assholes because they are but they are assholes first and then become Christians when they realize that Christianity can help them to be even bigger assholes than they already are.

So, what do Christianity really mean, Mr Natural?

Don't mean shit, Kid.


Mullah Gary said...

And what do you think about Islam? It's easy to bash Christianity here in America but people in Europe are killed for criticizing Islam.

reddog said...

I hear all about the crazy Islamic people. The Islamics that live around me are very good neighbors.

Even better, they do not seek to make me live by their rules and the idea that they should convert me to Islam is not high on their list of things to do, although I'm sure they would be happy to let me join if I wanted to.

I have a niece who is married to a Paki. He's a Muslim. They have three kids. It's been over twenty years and so far, no problems whatsoever. Their kids are all A students and destined for top universities. Guy started his own company and made himself a millionaire.

I'm sure there are lots of bad crazy Muslims out there but I wonder if there are any more than the bad people in any other religious group. So far, I haven't seen it.

They sure hate Jews though, it's just like listening to Catholics when they get wound up about Gays, abortionists or evil secular humanists.