Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mrs Tebow and Little Timmy

I'm not a big fan of Dr Jim or his Focus on the Family ministry. That said, after watching the Superbowl ads, I didn't see anything wrong with them.

They may be pro life but they are also very pro choice. I'm not a huge proponent of abortion per se, I just think women get to choose. Seems to me all they are doing in these ads, is promoting motherhood and encouraging women to have their babies if they can. That's OK with me. Who doesn't like motherhood and babies?

I don't think the real hard core anti abortion types are going to like these ads at all. They'll probably think they are a big waste of money.

These ads are likely to be really good PR for Focus and convince people that they aren't really hard line Christian wackos after all. In that sense they are false advertising. Maybe that's all they wanted out of them, good PR. If so, they are pretty smart.

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W.C. Varones said...

I think the religious right has changed strategies and is trying to change hearts instead of change laws.

Seems like a more effective, and less abrasive, way to accomplish reducing the number of abortions.