Friday, February 26, 2010

As Long As Your Enemy Is Beating A Dead Horse, He's Not Shitting On Your Door Step

Last year I declared the abortion war over, at least for me. I am satisfied that a woman's right to abortion will not be threatened, at least in my lifetime. You may not notice because of all of the continuing rancor but it's true. The anti abortion movement has changed. There is no more talk of reversing Roe and recriminalizing abortion, except in their fondest fantasies. The movement has been toward keeping federal funding of abortion out of health care and making sure all women have the appropriate information available to make an informed decision about abortion. I'm living with that OK.

The Gay rights movement is also coming to an end. Most people in this country are perfectly happy to coexist in every arena of society, with a Gay community that is out in the open about their sexual preferences. Every legal barrier that the Gay community used to face and there were many, has now come down. It didn't take long. Why should it. Gay people are the same people that they have always known and interacted with, in the neighborhood, at work, at church, in the family. The only difference is that now they can openly be who they already were. This can only be an improvement. I don't know how Gay marriage will come out. I've never been friends with anyone that was Gay married. I've only met a few people that say it is something they think they might like to do. I think in the end, if Gay society really embraces the ideal of Gay marriage it will become a reality, at least most places.

I will say again that I am in no rush for the rancor on the Right Wing against both abortion and Gay rights to quiet down. They may think they are doing themselves some good with it but they are not. It uses up a large portion of their available supply of both human and financial resources. It rallies only the unsavory, intolerant and ignorant to their ranks. Just as many people on the Right have abortions or are actively homosexual as on the Left. Everyone realizes this and also recognizes the terrible hypocrisy involved in the never ending fight that the Right constantly puts up about them.

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