Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Gets The Second Chance?

I know a lot of guys who maybe had a little problem when they were young. Maybe drug smuggling, maybe robbing a liquor store, maybe just a lot of drunk driving within a short period of time. The point is that these guys weren't hardened criminals, they weren't prone to violence, they weren't security risks but for the rest of their lives they never could get a civil service job, bonded by an insurance company, a security clearance to work in the defense industry or a lot of other stuff. They're screwed.

Amy Bishop never had any of those handicaps to overcome. She had a clean record. She was dangerous though. She was a serial killer and mad bomber. There were people in authority that knew all about it and just let her slide along with a clean record. She not only had a second chance, she had a third and fourth. There were people not nearly as much a threat to society as her doing life without parole under the three strikes provision.

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Cut and Shoot said...

Reminds me of the Fort Hood shooter. Everyone knew he was trouble but was promoted anyway. That's what we get for being so tolerant. And members of all the protected classes will continue to receive "get out of jail" passes.