Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Won't Be Back For Years And Years And Then

I see it here in the Navy Times. They're finally doing it. Women on Subs. We'll see how that goes. I don't think it matters whether it works out good or not. Once they change over, they will never be able to change back, it's a matter of political correctness.

Sub sailors are pretty adaptable. They'll probably make it work.

With "Don't ask don't tell" set to fall, that pretty much brings the Navy into the modern age. It only leaves one group of Americans shut out of the opportunity to serve their country, without discrimination, in the Armed Forces.

You know who I'm talking about, too. Us, old people. The Navy used to be a life long endeavor. There was an overgrown old cemetery on the South end of Mare Island, where I was stationed, that dated back to the middle of the 19th century. I was amazed by how many sailors buried there, died on active duty in their 80s and even a few in their 90's. I'm only 58. I might could do another hitch. Maybe two or three. I can still move pretty good if I need to. I'd be glad to take GCTs again. I'm sure I'd do better than most of the young whippersnappers. I've got useful skills and experience out the ass, unlike the last time I was in and I don't drink nearly as much. Be a good deal for everyone.

I'd love to go to sea again. What about you, Old Gary? Up for another WESTPAC?


Old Gary said...

I was at a convenience store the other day and two guys in strange uniforms were in front of me at the counter. They were wearing strange jackets with Navy anchors on the shoulder. I asked them if they were Sea Scouts. They laughed and laughed and said "We look like Marines, don't we?"

The new uniforms suck and I don't want to go to sea anymore. Especially with the new kind of "sailors" they have nowadays. But I do have some fond memories of all the good times.

Buck said...

I certainly am more patient now than when I was 21. I'd go.