Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Break up

Al and Tipper have broken up after 40 years of marriage. I believe they have been together even longer than that.

Most couples their age, who have been together that long, facing the inevitable Winter, don't get divorced. Usually they mutually decide that they can face the future better together than alone, even if any spark of whatever love they had for each other is gone. Often, after decades together they have become friends, confidants and comfortable with each other, depending on the support of their partner in a way that they can from no one else in their life. Apparently that's not the case with Al and Tipper.

I have no idea why this is so.  They're really rich, so that will help. Tipper has always been more traditional and religious than Al. Maybe that has something to do with it.  I'm sure Al is looking forward to some young nookie and a few last adventures before age catches up to him. In his position, what man wouldn't?

Hey, I wish them both luck. I wouldn't do it but I'm not them.


Buck said...

I bet Tipper found some death metal on Al's iPod.

Contrary said...

I heard that Gore is divorcing because a Pope cannot be married.