Friday, June 18, 2010

Cook Out

We had a steak dinner, tonite.  NY strips about 2" thick, a pound apiece, grilled real slow over a low fire to medium rare all the way through, big baked potato with butter, endive heads and thick sliced onion, lightly caramelized in a mixture of olive oil and butter, sliced garlic, with a little sugar added, then braised in the pan juices for twenty minutes while the steaks grilled. Baguette not two hours old, from a Little Saigon bakery, to sop up the juices. Very Butch. Looked good. Tasted good. It was real simple to do and a lot better than you could get at say Morton's, where two plates like that and a bottle of red, house plonk will run you probably $300, maybe more once you throw down the tip. I can't afford to eat out at places like that any more and cheap steak dinners are a constant reminder that you have been a failure in life and can't even afford decent food. I can still afford it at home.

Anyway, it was good. Couldn't get near finishing it, this kind of food is crap as left overs but it's especially satisfying anyway to have too much of it.

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Contrary said...

Food cooked in the back yard always tastes better. I love the taste when bbq-ing with mesquite wood.