Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Was Framed I tell Ya', Framed!

The disintegration of the Roman Catholic Church, already well advanced, is accelerating apace. Now the elderly, pseudo celibate psychopaths that run it are turning on each other. The Pope's best friend, who lost his bishop job a few weeks ago, says he was railroaded and won't leave his palace in Augsburg, Germany in disgrace, like he is supposed to. He claims he was never a homosexual predator, he just beat children of both sexes, in an orphanage forty years ago, which of course was perfectly acceptable, even laudatory, in those days. It sounds reasonable to me. I've always recognized that the violent chastisement of orphans is a primary responsibility of the Church.

I have always felt that the decline of organized religion would be a gradual process, playing out over successive generations. I may have been wrong. It may be so rotten at its core that it collapses suddenly into a pile of stinking, sodden punk. Sounds good but even if I'm wrong, this little episode should be fun to watch. The best part is that it doesn't involve actual sodomy. I'm so tired of hearing about priests and sodomy all the time. Simple child battery is so much more light and refreshing, like a palate cleansing sherbet between heavier courses. Yum.

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