Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Serial Sex Killer

You remember Joran Van Der Sloot and Natalie Holloway. I never had any doubt that he was a total scum bag or that he was the primary person involved in the American girl's disappearance and presumed death. It was never totally clear that it was murder, I supposed it could have been some kind of death by misadventure and then covered up by Joran, maybe with the help of his friends.

It turns out now he's probably killed another young woman, this time in Lima, Peru, while he was there for a poker tournament, last weekend. She was found stabbed to death in his hotel room there, wrapped in a bloody blanket. The police there speculate he has fled, or has attempted to flee the country, probably to Chile.

Turns out this kid is a serial killer. I never would have guessed that.

Interpol is after him. They'll probably get him pretty soon and extradite him back to Peru to stand trial. Chile and Peru aren't that friendly and may not have an extradition treaty but a guy like that can't stay in Chile forever and I can't believe anybody there is going to be sympathetic to him.

They probably don't have the death penalty in Peru, most Latin American countries don't but life in a Peruvian prison isn't going to be that good a deal for a 22 year old Dutch Aruban kid with a privileged background.

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Steve Harkonnen said...

No one really knows. Nancy Grace already has him guilty as charged (by her). But I am pretty positive he did it. I just hate the over-sensationalism that Nancy Grace is broadcasting right now. Read my post about that story on my blog, shipmate.