Friday, June 25, 2010

Please Don't Taze My Granny!

This is an interesting story. You might think that I'm anti police by bringing it up for discussion. That's not true.

I would love to know the back story here. It happened in El Reno Oklahoma, county seat of Canadian County on old Route 66. It's a town small enough that everyone knows everyone else but big enough to have its share of characters. This is sure to be especially true of its police force.

When this 86 year old lady's grandson called 911 for his medically distressed granny, ten armed police officers responded in cruiser cars, not an ambulance. They entered the house, cut off her oxygen supply by stepping on the hose from the concentrator and once she got woozy, hit her twice with Taser guns set to high power, slapped on the cuffs, ripping the flesh of her arms in the process and hauled her straight to the local psycho ward for a six day stay. They reported as justification for application of the Taser that she suddenly took a more aggressive posture in her bed. Amazing anecdotal narrative phrasing. I doubt these guys were being brutal, I think they were afraid for their lives. What other justification could there be, with ten armed policemen versus one bedridden 86 year old woman.

If they had printed the whole story, I'm sure we'd find that this old gal has a history being armed, dangerous, mean as a snake and frequently of murderous intent.

There's nothing else on the interwebs about her but this story. We'll probably never know the whole saga.

I bet Lona Varner is quite a gal.

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