Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Fruits Of My Labor Are Close At Hand

A couple of the tomatoes on the Celebrity are turning color. I am suprised at how quickly this has happened. Up until 4 days ago there was no clue this would happen and now a couple of them are mostly orange. If things continue at this pace they may be ripe in a few days.

I got tired of fighting the worms and sprinkled the plants lightly with Sevin Dust, recommended to me by one of you, about a week ago. I had lost several tomatoes to the beasts. Haven't had a single tomato bitten into since. It's like a miracle from God.

So be it, me and any number of insidious carcinogens are old friends. A person can't have too many friends.

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Anonymous said...

I'd eat sevin dust with a spoon. Carbamates are practically harmless.