Saturday, June 05, 2010

Who's Been Packing The Court.

The Wingnuts are all hysterical about Barry O packing the Supreme Court. It's bullshit. Republican Presidents have appointed six of the current nine justices. Before David Souter resigned last year, it was seven of the last nine.

I don't know when the last time a Chief Justice, who sets the court's agenda, was appointed by a Democrat but it was before my memory. Earl Warren was the justice most hated by the Right in modern times, at least that I remember. He was also the Chief Justice and appointed by Dwight Eisenhower. "Whizzer" White, one of the most reliably conservative justices on the Court for decades, was appointed by a Democratic President.

Either the Republicans don't really want a conservative court or they are total retards. I don't think they're retards, maybe only about 30% are. Somebody has to get the back end of the bell curve.

Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for the state of the Supreme court. That's always been the case. It probably will be for a long time.

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