Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who are the guys in the Black Turbans?

I have a problem with the Supreme Court ruling on aid to terrorist organizations. The problem is with letting the government arbitrarily decide what a terrorist organization is.

Bush declared a War on Terrorism. Then he decided who we were going to fight. Iraq never supported any terrorism against us. There may have been terrorists training among the old Mujaheddin groups that the CIA used to support in Afghanistan but by and large the religious extremist Taliban is entirely domestic in its scope of operations. Saudi Arabia and the other Wahhabi Gulf States are and have always been the ideological and fund raising leaders for World terrorism. Places like Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Libya are home to most of the active terrorist organizations. If we were going to fight somebody, it should have been them. Bush started wars in the wrong places that killed the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Obama continues to fight these wars apparently following the Colin Powell, you break it, you fix it doctrine. It's totally fucked up.

I don't know why anybody would want to support the Afghan Taliban or the Sunnis in Iraq but they don't commit terrorist acts against the US. If I wanted to give money or aid or support to them, I should be able to.

Guys like Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas on the Supreme Court bend the Constitution to their own purposes worse than any Liberal justices ever did. One thing you at least have to say for them is that unlike their Republican legislative counterparts, they aren't afraid to support the fascist arguments they are so fond of, even if they come from the Obama administration's own Eric Holder.

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Contrary said...

I tend to agree with almost everything you posted. Except for...

"Iraq never supported any terrorism against us."

There is a lady named Jayna Davis who has done a lot of research on the Oklahoma City bombing. Google her.

I also think Afghanistan is not worth fighting for. The 800 pound gorilla is Pakistan. They are the ultimate troublemakers.