Friday, September 19, 2008

Bad Deal

George Bush is retarded. He is also a drunken, coke snorting, buffoon. Name me even one thing he did right. In terms of debt incurred by the American people, he is the most expensive President ever. First, you have a trillion dollars incurred because of ill advised tax cuts, virtually all of which went to the very wealthiest among us. Next add 2 trillion for unilateral foreign wars of aggression, which got us nothing but World wide derision. Finally, as a grand finale, throw in a couple of trillion in Wall Street bail outs, once again, to the richest.

That's a minimum of 5 trillion dollars that this useless little cocksucker has cost us. What is that, for every man, woman and child among us? It's big. Maybe twenty thousand?

He hasn't been worth it. You know what? The money isn't even the biggest part of why.

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beebs said...

I'm disgusted, absolutely disgusted by the bailout of Wall Street by Sec. of the Treas. Hank Paulson.

Paulson used to head up Goldman Sachs, and he has his rich buddies' back.

I say let the chips fall where they may and recover after the collapse.

It is perfectly ridiculous to stop short selling, which is only the opposite of being long.

pissed off.