Friday, September 12, 2008

Bristol Starts a Family of Her Own.

Adolescence can be a troubling time, especially for innocent young girls. So many unsettling changes. So many tempting choices. What's a girl to do?

It's all right. God has a way of taking care of things. Bristol is pregnant. God has given her the most wonderful and natural focus for the rest of her life. He has also given her a handsome, young husband to share her life with. Sure, times might be a little tough, in the beginning but that's the way with all good things. What's important is that all of the uncertainties and distractions of youth are swept away, by the challenges, responsibilities and promises of adult life. Adulthood comes earlier to some, than to others but can anyone really say this is a bad thing? If it hadn't been for Levi and the baby, who knows what terrible things might have happened. She is so lucky to have wonderful, loving parents, that have helped God's plan for her come to pass.

God bless you, Bristol. I'm sure you and your little family have wonderful long lives ahead of you, together always.


beebs said...

My mom was pregnant with me when she was 19. I'm almost certain she should have waited a couple of years to get college behind her. But she had no choice, a forced marriage to a man that she might have not married.

Being pregnant when you are young shuts many doors. I think this pregnancy is for the headlines, eh?

SonarMan said...

"I think this pregnancy is for the headlines, eh?"


Yes. Her mother, suspecting she was going to be picked for Veep, told her daughter "Now, Bristol, I need some help getting elected. You and your boyfriend go bump uglies and get preggers, because that will really help my effort to get me and McCain elected. There you go - that's a good girl!"

Teenagers make errors in judgement and bad choices with grave consequences - no matter who their parents are.

Normally you libs would think nothing of another "pregnant teen". Why is this one so special? Rhetorical question - so you can smear the candidate.

reddog said...

Jeez, SM, cool out. It's only politics. It's not like it matters.

I'm just tryin' to help Sambo put some lipstick on that pig. Not smearing it is the hardest part.