Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can I Haz Bailout?

What will the establishment of a Trust Resolution Commission like entity, to dispose of illiquid securitized debt held by the corporate financial sector accomplish. Will it lesson the debt written off? Will it decrease the burden of debt assumed by the taxpayer? Will it stabilize the equities markets? The answer to each of these questions is no. So what will it do?

It will provide a way to get these bank failures out of the headlines. It will routinize the process and move this huge transfer of debt from Corporate America, onto the taxpayer's back, out of the headlines. This is all the Wall Street thieves and gangsters ask. Is that too much? Absolutely not. They have feelings too. This constant scrutiny and criticism in the public forum, is grossly unfair. Let these guys take their billions of dollars worth of golden parachutes and get on with their lives. That's all they are asking.

For God's sake, have you no shame? Bad, bad taxpayers. Back off!

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beebs said...

This RTC bailout is really pissing me off. Let the banks fail.

I would call my congresscritters, but BOXER AND FEINSTEIN are tools of the regime and don't care.