Saturday, September 13, 2008

Like McCain Says, "Racists have to Vote for Somebody"

I think it's pretty funny. The fundo fascists are all bent out of shape because Oprah won't have Sarey Paleface on her show. They think this is an example of racism. As if we live in a post racial society. We live in a post segregation society and even that's debatable. Racism is really just about the only thing the Republicans have going for them this election cycle. Racism is the only reason middle and working class whites in States where racism is still strong, vote Republican. Racism is a major component in the popularity of fundamentalist Christianity, where all those so called "values voters" are spawned. Sarey Paleface's Alaska is one of the most racist States in the Union. People don't normally recognize this because almost no African Americans or Hispanics live there. They are not welcome there. You want to know about racism in Alaska, just ask the Native American population.

Oprah has no obligation to invite unregenerate racists on her show. I guess she could if she wanted to. Her format is more positive and uplifting. Racists really don't fit in with what she's trying to do. If racists want to go on women's TV talk shows, to be exposed, they should try the View. McCain went on there the other day and they had a lot of fun. I'm sure they would like to have Sarey on. They could ask her about her "So, Sambo beat the bitch." statement, to her political cronies, at breakfast, following the concession of Hillary Clinton, during the primaries. They could ask her about her common use of the term "Muckluks" or just plain old "fucking Eskimos" to refer to the members of the aboriginal population of her State.

One of the best recent examples of racism on the Right, was observed at The Values Voters Forum this week in Washington, DC. This event was sponsered by the odious, James Dobson and his Focus on the Family organization. They were selling boxes of "Obama's Waffle Mix". The picture on the box was of a grinning, buck toothed, big lipped caracature of Barak Obama, dressed in traditional Islamic robes, in the style of Aunt Gemima or Uncle Ben. The attendees thought this was hillarious and were buying them up by the case lots, to take home to friends and family.

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