Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buying Wolf Tickets? They Ain't Free. Everything Costs Money. More Money.

There is only one winner on Wall Street today, long the Dollar. Cash is king today. Give me a fuckin' break.

When I was in High School, ten bucks would get you a 1,000 miles, driven in the biggest gas guzzler ever produced in Detroit. It would get you an evening at the Whiskey a Go Go, listening to the Doors and rubbing elbows with the hipster elite. It would get you a room at the Hyatt House on the Strip. It would get you a generous lid of weed. It would get you all you could eat, for a long weekend, at Tiny Naylor's, at Sunset and La Brea. Some people liked the Haight better than the Strip. Peace, love, brotherhood and understanding. You didn't need any of that for the Strip, just money to spend. They never cared what kind of a person you were. Like Disneyland. What a deal. I'm dead serious.

So, what are we talking about here. 50 bucks, for an experience that an old man remembers as he wheezes his last, alone, in some urine soaked, nursing home crib, more than a half century later. Best money I ever spent. What'll that 50 get you today? This is a lesson in long term, macro economics, baby.

Long the Dollar? Not me.

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