Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hitler Gets A Margin Call

I've been holding a pretty large(for me)position in gold, for the last few months. I could have cashed in a couple of times, for a profit that was more than I ever made in a year. I didn't and gold crashed and I incurred losses larger than my previous paper profits. I am well again but will not sell. There is no place else to put the money, right now.

It's been good training, losing huge amounts of money. Day after day. Investors need discipline. If you are a gold bug, hit the title link, I think it's hilarious. For a gold investor, it's also serious stuff.

Being a gold bug is like being Sidney Greenstreet, in "The Maltese Falcon". You may never profit from the the quest but what better adventure could an old, fat, man hope for.

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