Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Every Morning At The Congress, You Could See Him Arrive

Big John is going to Washington. The Congress is unable to reach a compromise on the toxic loan purchase bill without him. He will shut down his campaign. No appearances. No commercials. No debates. I wonder what he thinks he can do, besides posture in a manly and senior Senatorial way for the Washington press corps, as a bill is hammered out by those in the committee actually involved. As far as I know, up until now he wasn't even in favor of bailing out the financial institutions that held big packages of derivative based securities. Which, by the way, I agreed with him on. If he was going there to stop the whole process and save the taxpayers from incurring a couple trillion of unnecessary debt, I would be cheering him on.

Big John is running scared. He knows he will be of no help. His history is that of an extreme deregulator and he was instrumental in passing laws that made it possible to market high risk loans to unqualified individuals. He supported the dismantling of the regulatory authorities that would have made it impossible to market derivative based securities as gilt edged financial instruments. He himself has stated repeatedly, that he really doesn't know much or understand what he does know, about the economy. This guy graduated fourth from the bottom of his college class. He doesn't even handle money at home. His wife takes care of that.

Big bad John understands polls, though. Even the stupidest politicians do. He is lagging at the polls and one of the areas he's lagging the worst , is on handling of the economy. Campaigning has been doing him no good. Debating is not his strong point. The commercials on TV aren't working. They just remind the voters that he is old and desperately ill. He's got to do something and right away. Maybe going to Washington and controlling the press and public access, while making strictly scripted appearances, between doctor visits, will do the trick.

Have you looked at the guy lately? The cancer rotted left side of his face is developing hard, lumpy, vertical ridges with deep crevices between them. His left eye is sunken and drippy, while his right eye is protruding and glassy. His skin is pale, waxy and opaque. I've seen people looking a lot better than him, not make it through the night.

And with all his strength he gave a mighty shove
Then a banker yelled out " There's a light up above!"
And all the bankers scrambled from a would-be grave
Now there's only one left down there to save, Big John

Big John, Big Bad John.

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