Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rednecks, Racists, Crackheads. Sarey's Shock Troops.

It's easy to think of the Republican Party, as the party of privilege. The party of country clubs, family money, prep schools, private colleges and sinecured careers. You can kind of make the argument work with Bush and McCain, if you really stretch it. It doesn't work with Sarah Palin though and she's the one the base loves. So what's going on? How does this work?

The Republican party has undergone a sea change. The leadership of the educated, intellectual, fiscally conservative wing of the Republican Party, whether in the rock ribbed, Ivy League, North East corridor, the effete Hoover institute crowd out West, The hard headed industrialists, coming out of Case Western in Cleveland or Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh are gone. What you have left are the white, low class, illiterate, baggy pants, gangsterboy and proud of it types. They like to shoot up various CNS depressants, smoke crank or crack. They raise pit bulls, fighting cocks or anything else that can bleed and die in late night, blood sports. They like their women to be stoned out of their minds and under sixteen years old. They like to work government jobs, for the security, paychecks and pensions. They like to beat their chests in displays of false patriotism. They may occasionally clean up on Sunday and handle a few snakes, maybe even repent their sins. It doesn't change the abomination of what they are. It does not change the intellectual void of what they are not.

The reason that the World community has a problem with Islamicists, has nothing to do with religion. It is with a culture of deliberate ignorance, brutality, the subjugation of women and children, and a deep, bred to the bone xenophobia, of anyone who won't believe and act exactly like they do. The American, fundo fascist, Right wing extremists are exactly the same. What is the point of fighting international Islamic terrorists abroad, when we have our own brand of violent, hate filled, xenophobic scum, here at home.

The rest of us are working to promote a civil society that is just that, civil. We want a prosperous, peaceful, tolerant, industrious society. A place where people can achieve and be what they want, without forcing their own beliefs and behaviors on others. To the "new" Republicans, we're all hippies, fags, niggers and foreigners, to be scorned, terrorized, dragged behind a pick up, strung up on a barbed wire fence, in the dead of a freezing winter night, lynched, raped, driven out of town, houses burned behind us.

Welcome to the new American dream. Don't forget to wear your fucking flag pin.

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