Sunday, September 14, 2008

So They Say

What if instead of having two bubbly precocious daughters, that obviously function several years above their grade level, Michelle Obama had five children aged 19 years to new born. What if the oldest was a boy who is troubled. A 3 year history of intravenous drug use, vandalism, theft, receiving and sale of stolen property. A boy that had to be sent out of State, during his last year of high school, to avoid bad publicity and is in the process of being shipped off to the Army. What if the second child was a girl, with the same proclivity toward substance abuse and delinquency, as her older brother. What if she had gotten pregnant during her junior year in high school. What if her mother's solution to the problem, was to marry the girl off to the father of the child, a local, unemployed, high school dropout, gang banger and petty criminal. What if Michelle Obama proudly presented these children, dressed up like a $20 street whore, on the stroll, with heavy garish make-up, big beehive hair do, and shiny, knee high leather boots, featuring come-fuck-me heels. It wouldn't have worked out too well for Michelle Obama, had she presented herself this way.

This is exactly what Sarah Palin did. In return, the fundo fascists rolled out the red carpet for her. They call her a hero and roll model for white, Christian, womanhood. I wonder how they would have welcomed an honest, hard working, African American mother, like Michelle Obama, under the same circumstances.

What it comes down to, is the same racist sentiment that I hear over and over again from members of the White, Christian, fundamentalist movement. When all the arguments are over. When there are no other objections left. When all of the lies are corrected. The one true reason for their political choice surfaces, again and again.

"I'll never vote for a fuckin' nigger."

Why don't they just tell the truth, in the first place. Cut the confusion. Make it simple. So that everybody knows what's going on.

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