Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Politically conservative Ministers all over the country, who are supporters of the Alliance Defense Fund, will openly endorse the McCain/Palin Presidential ticket from the pulpit, this Sunday. They hope to provoke a court battle with the IRS over the right of religion to endorse voting choices to their congregants and maintain tax exempt status.

I think this is a good idea. America needs to understand the threat to it's secular freedoms, posed by racist, sexist, xenophobic, war mongering, fundamentalist religion, deeply rooted in primitive superstition, black dirt ignorance and heretic persecuting, blood lust. The current rules make it possible for fundamentalist religion to maintain plausible deniability, when their members vote as a block, to deny the rest of us our basic human rights.

Separation of church and state cannot be legislated or enforced. It only works when the people understand it's value. That understanding only comes with direct threats upon their freedom, by the slavering flat Worlders and tongue borers of reactionary Christianity.

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