Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarey Meets the Press

I tell ya. After watching the interview segments with Sarey Paleface, I think I could probably live with her. She understands nothing about economics and government at only about the level of a C student after taking bonehead high school Civics. Probably good enough. Foreign affairs, not even a clue. So what, America would be better off without any foreign affairs. She could learn enough, quick enough, to get by. She's not a retard like Bush or senile like McCain. She's definitely not a war monger. She's no reformer. She admits she supports as much pork as she can get for her constituents, what politician doesn't. She doesn't get all wacky about gays. She's way to the left of me on gun control.

She's pro life, so fuckin' what. She doesn't get all Phyllis Schlaffley/James Dobson mouth foamy about it. She didn't let on she was knocked with the Mongolian imbecile, until the seventh month. You know she thought long and hard about that one. This is a woman that makes up her mind and then prays. She's no church lady. If she's what it takes to ring the fundo's bell, so be it. I understand their position. Even though they have had lip service from Republican Presidents, every one of their First Ladies has been pro choice, since Mamie "I'm too drunk to even stand up" Eisenhower. That's got to be humiliating.

There is no guarantee that Roe will ever be overturned. There might be a few States that would severely limit abortion, if it were. Good, it'll give the Indian reservations a revenue stream to suppliment the casinos. They can offer combo junkets, free abortion with every six hours of slot play. It'll be huge in South Dakota. The bikers at Sturgis will love it. They can bus the farm girls in. They'll have one last fling with a real biker, maybe even make a little money, before they hook the suction up. Whoa Baaaby!!! I know some of the big time racist states down South, shipped all their Indians to Oklahoma. That's all right. Planned Parenthood will get the girls to Maryland, Florida, Texas, which ever is closest and back home by dinner time. States with heavy church going populations are not majority pro life. Hell, most Republicans aren't pro life, they go along to keep the snake handlers on board but sing a different tune at the ballot box. Nothing in it for them. Once it's banned, the Rollers are gone. Most of them are natural Democrats. Food Stamps, ADC, conjugal visits with Earl, on the weekends, up at the Penn. The whole Donkey package.

The only real problem with Sarey, is the same as with Bush. In '00, I didn't think he would get elected but thought, what the Hey, how bad could he be? Coke snorting, hard drinking, dumb as an ox, frat boy. How much trouble could he cause? Man was I wrong. He has been the worst President we ever had. He fucked this country up. This 'hivehead cracker bitch could be exactly the same. Best not take chances.

It could be fun having Beehive Sarah and her family living at Blair House. They might even be more comfortable setting up in a couple of those FEMA trailers, out on the South Lawn. Let's hope it never comes to that.

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