Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Luck on that Bailout Bill.

Banks loan money. They make a profit by collecting interest on the money they loan. You can get fancy and talk about leverage and asset appreciation and a bunch of other stuff but loans and interest pretty much covers it. In order for the system to work, money must represent some sort of stable intrinsic value.

Banking systems break down when money no longer retains value. This is what has happened. You cannot revive a banking system by pumping in more worthless currency. This is exactly what governments around the World are doing. It won't work.

The truly wealthy now, control assets which have real value. These can be in the form of commodities, productive land, manufacturing facilities and the labor needed to produce basic necessities, potable water or energy.

From a distance, the Taj Mahal looks like a palace. It is not. You can't sleep there, you can't bath there, you can't cook there. You can't live there. You can't fuck there. It's just a big stone box for a dead body. The financial system is like that. It's just a mausoleum for a dead body.

Good luck on that bailout bill.

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