Tuesday, September 02, 2008


My favorite rejoinder by the fundo fuckwads, this news cycle, is how the candidate's personal, family lives, should be "private". I remember a certain mild mannered, Chief Executive, 30 years ago, from Georgia, that this certainly was not true of. Republicans constantly criticized, satirized, belittled and demonized his family members. This was not only the case with his mousy wife and timid little daughter but went on to include his adult children, his aged mother, his working class brother and an evangelist cousin. None of them were sex perverts, criminals, or any type of miscreants, just small town eccentrics from peanut country. The cruel, unceasing harassment continued through the campaign and for his entire term in office. When, during the next campaign, this good man was struggling with the collapse of Iran and the hostage crisis that followed, the Reagan campaign aided and abetted the foreign perpetrators, with treasonable intent, colluding with them to continue the situation until the electoral defeat and end of this President's term, with the hostages being released the very next day. The Reagan administration that followed, continued to collude with the Ayatollah run regime of Iran, after taking office, setting up Iran Contra, to both aid Iran and fund illegal, covert war in Central America. Many of the Reagan administration operatives involved, went on and currently play major roles in the fraudulent "Global War on Terror". The current Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA are only two. There are many more. They all should have been stood up against a wall and shot. The fuckin' Gipper first. Ollie North second.

John McCain, the current Republican candidate for President, is the political protege of Jim Hensley, father of Cindy McCain. Hensley was a "button man", turned lieutenant, of Kemper Marley, the prohibition era, Arizona boss of the Lanskey/Bronfman liquor smuggling and distribution organization. After prohibition, the Lanskey/Bronfman organization continued to control a large portion of the legal liquor business in America, as well as substantial portions of Las Vegas gambling, horse racing revenues and professional sports team venue merchandising and refreshment concessions. The polite fiction, that Jim Hensley scraped together $10,000 to buy into his beer distribution business and built it up through honest toil, is laughable. It is a business, even today, that maintains itself through, coercion, restraint of trade and selective violence.

Even the most cruel enterprises have their charitable side. From the very beginning, the Lanskey/Bronfman mob were supportive of the Zionist cause, providing money, arms, munitions and "technical" assistance to the State of Israel, whenever they could. Whatever influence they acquired within the American government was offered, as well. It is here that we see the strong foundations of John McCain's neocon support for America's intervention in the Middle East. Dimwitted American sheeple, follow the neocon drummers to their deaths in the unilateral foreign wars of aggression there, without uttering a single plaintive Baa.

Don't look too close America, you might see somethin'. Just vote the way they tell ya.

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