Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's Why God Makes the Juices Flow

So, what is the deal with Sarah Palin? She has been out of the box now 4 days. The first 2 days, she went around with McCain giving a little puff coronation speech. Since then, nothing, except a constant stream of media information and disinformation. Monday, she didn't make one personal appearance. Not today either. This is not exactly a campaign blitz. Not once, in the 4 days since McCain rolled her out, has she answered a single question from the press. Not once, has she definitively given her position on a major issue. We know, from interviews with those who have known her all their lives, that she is no shrinking violet.

The fundo fascists continue to gush because they believe that Palin belongs to them. Lefties are frustrated, because they don't know enough about her, to launch well considered attacks. People in the middle just wonder what all the excitement is about. For now, Sarah can continue to be coy but some time in the next 60 days, before the general election, she is going to have to address the issues that the fundos care about, specifically. She is going to have to state whether or not she wants to outlaw abortion. Where, when, which type, under what conditions. She is going to have to address premarital sex, sex education and contraception. She is going to have to talk about what should and should not be taught, in science classes, in public schools. She is going to have to address a woman's proper place in society. These are the social issues that the fundos care about and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, as well. They know that Bush/Cheney/Rove were just jerking them off. They don't like McCain, even as well as Bush. They need to know that McCain is delivering the real thing and not just some big as a bucket round heel, that can shoot straight, knows how to cube up a moose and raises her daughters to be the same. I don't see anything wrong with these things but the Reverend Doctor James Dobson does. He is the audience that Sarah has to play to, or it is all for nothing.

As long as Sarah stays silent, the media and the left wing propaganda machine will continue to define her with the selective presentation of what they can dig up in her past. A waiting game, on her part, is not a good strategy. 60 days is a lot of time for her adversaries to dig.

Sarah is a woman who has clearly lived life to it's fullest and who defines for herself that life and not the other way around. She has chosen to step out onto the World stage, she was not forced. Sing your song for us, Sarah. Dance your dance. You've never been afraid of a little friction before. It's why we have erectile tissue. It's why God makes the juices flow.

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