Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Abortion, A Gift From God

I'm not concerned that abortion will be recriminalized in America, or anywhere else. The Supreme court ruled on Roe vs Wade when I was in my early twenties. In the three and a half decades since then, the anti abortion forces have gotten exactly nowhere. It took them almost a decade of concerted effort to get the partial birth abortion ban. It was a sop. Even abortion's strongest foes admit that it will never stop a single, solitary woman from having a safe, legal abortion, any time she wants one, during any trimester of her pregnancy. The culture of life people are now moving into a new crusade, for the legitimization of "personhood", that will extend legal rights as far up the reproductive cycle as haploid sex cells. Every little boy that whacks off will become an instant mass murderer. I couldn't have thought up a bigger and more futile time waster. I am satisfied that abortion will be available in this country, for the foreseeable future and certainly during the rest of my lifetime.

I like the abortion issue because it is so rancorous and divisive of the American people. It helps to keep the left and right nicely polarized. It draws a huge amount of money and volunteer time away from other right wing causes. The shrill, strident, angry demeanor of the anti-choicers marginalizes the Right and makes them appear to be mentally unstable, religious fanatics to the majority of Americans. The anti abortion cause has also been instrumental in attracting other, even more deranged, quasi-religious fringe groups, to the Right. Creationists, woman subjugaters, chastity fetishists, home schoolers, Zionist end of days Armageddon anticipaters, you name it. Practically every wingnut whack job with a drool bib and a hard on for the literal truth of mistranslated and garbled scripture, now considers him/her self an annointed leader of the Republican party. Many of them, in fact, are. In just a few short decades, the social conservative movement, although there is nothing social or conservative about it, has eaten through the guts of the Republican party like cancer, leaving it a mewling invalid, dripping foul putrescence and lying helpless in it's own toxic waste product.

I used to think it would take decades for the Republicans to purge the scumbags. I've recently taken to thinking they aren't going to be able to get rid of them at all. Whatever remnants of real humanity are left, will probably have to form a new party. That will take awhile. It might even be a better party. I might even join. They'll have to get rid of the neocons first though. They're even worse than the fucking Christers.

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