Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fox News. Beacon of Freedom.

Why do people think that Fox News is conservative. They aren't conservative at all. By far the most conservative news channel available to most Americans is CNBC, part of NBC, a subsidiary of the GE Corporation.

Fox doesn't really address any of the classic conservative issues, whereas CNBC addresses them daily. Fox frequently brings in liberal guests and has it's own stable of housebroken liberal commentators. CNBC features a completely conservative news staff and the guests are usually anything but bleeding heart liberals.

The fact is that Fox isn't conservative at all. They are the cable news equivalent of the National Enquirer and other tabloids that cater to the American lumpen proletariat, with stories about lurid sex, three headed babies, Space aliens and the current fattest person in the World.

The people that get their opinions from Fox believe it's the real stuff. It's sad. Let's get those death panels up and running so we can do something about these folks. We really need to end their suffering.

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