Friday, September 25, 2009

Civil Disobediance in Pittsburgh

They have Pittsburgh sealed up tighter than a drum for the G 20 summit. Young kids have found their way to the site of the talks and are protesting the lack of meaningful environmental action to combat climate change, greenhouse gas buildup in the atmosphere and acidification of the oceans.

The demonstrators are peaceful but have been advised no demonstrations will be allowed. The local authorities are pathetically grateful that their city was chosen to host the event and are eager to please. The cops are in full riot gear, beating the shit out of the kids and using CS gas on them.

I'm so proud of those kids, I almost feel paternal.


Steve Harkonnen said... served in the navy, and you're proud of protesters who have burned and looted?

What sort of paternal image is that?

Buck said...

Nathan Hale.

reddog said...

You are right about the looting. I saw some of that going on in my day. It was a bad thing and did the anti war cause no good.

I spoke up against it at a Student Mobilization Committee meeting and got tossed out for my trouble. Many were prosecuted for it later.

reddog said...

I always wondered why the modern Right never took up the mantle of Nathan Hale.

He would have been a natural as the Patron Saint of the CIA or the Guardian Angel of Oliver North.

Perhaps because he was captured and hung or maybe he was just too intellectual.