Thursday, September 24, 2009

Benjy and the Jets

Did you catch any of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations this morning? They played it live on Fox News. If you saw it, you were one of the few. A lot of the delegations boycotted. Those that didn't looked bored. I suspect the TV viewership was spotty.

He's a good speaker. His argument is sound and compelling. The Arab World does not play fair with Israel. They don't honor their promises. They don't want peaceful coexistence. They want all the Jews in Israel gone.

The problem is, he's singing the same song Israel has been singing for sixty years. Nobody cares about the Shoah anymore or whose ancestors died in it. Israel isn't anybodies friend. Nobody in their position can afford to be. When The UN partitioned Palestine in 1947, it was incumbent on the Zionists to make peace with their neighbors. I'm sure they tried. It didn't work out.

About 40% of the American public has some sympathy for Israel. They have some support in Western Europe but not much and it doesn't translate into anything real.

I'm sure Israel can continue down the path they are on indefinitely but eventually a tragedy is inevitable. They need to try something new. Maybe a two state solution isn't in the cards. Maybe they can do a better job of integrating into the indigenous culture than places like Kenya, Rhodesia and South Africa. The idea that the Jews are just another tribe native to the Middle East and deserving of sovereignty, is the same as the Afrikaners and just as patently ridiculous.

If they wait too much longer, they may all have to come to America. That would be alright too. Unlike Catholics, you can never really have enough Jews.

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