Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Exciting Weekend

This weekend is the Values Voters Summit in Washington DC. What is with that Family Research Council that's hosting it? I thought the guy that runs it, Tony Perkins, came out of the closet or died of AIDS and they shut down after that. I always get that wrong. I wish it were being televised. I would watch it. There will be at least a couple of inspirational speakers. Who would miss out on a chance to see Carrie Prejean? She will be wearing something low cut and tight across her ass, for sure. Her teeth are really white. What could be more inspirational than that?

Sarah can not be there. She is expecting the return of their oldest child, a soldier, from Iraq after a year away. She wants to be there when he gets home. What mother wouldn't. I bet she'll cook a great dinner for him. Doesn't seem like he's been gone that long. What's his name? Tranq? Trog? Track, that's it. I hope he can settle down now. Maybe take some welding classes at the local JC. I was so glad he was documented to be out of the country when Sarah's Church was arsoned, even though everybody knows it was homo commandos from San Francisco, mad that their Gay marriages all got annulled by Prop 8.

It is Rosh Hashanah this weekend. It's too bad all the Jewish supporters will not be able to attend. I'm sure it was a careless oversight on the part of the planning committee. Values voters love the Jews and stand behind Israel. It's a shame more Jews don't reciprocate. I hear most Jews are atheists, like cafeteria Catholics and Methodists.

The big PR talking point is the 2012 Presidential straw poll to be held there. Lots of talk about that. I don't know why. Sarah will get more votes than all the other contestants combined. It will be humiliating for Romney and Huckybuck. It's alright, they've had a lot of practice. It will be OK for every body else. None of them were going to get any votes anyway.

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