Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glenn Beck's 9/12 March on Washington

Is your heart all aflutter this morning? It's the day of Glenn Beck's much anticipated, 9/12 March on Washington. Numbers in attendance as high as two million are being bandied about.

Even if they don't get that many people, it should still be good. I can't wait to turn on Fox News and check out the funny hats and signs. I'm sure they won't disappoint. Maybe Greta will do some interviews of the participants. She's so beautiful, I love to watch her. That plastic surgery really enhanced her already glowing, natural beauty. I personally find her more alluring than Sarah and that's really saying something.

Maybe Glenn will finally speak out and dispel those vicious rumors about the 1990 rape/murder of the little girl that he allegedly committed. Those damn Obamacrats, have they no shame?

Live Blogging Updates:

Glenn is wonderful. He says it's not about politics, race, class or wealth. It's about the elimination of spiritual wickedness in high places. Glenn says he is undergoing a great renewal of faith and that's what the founders would have wanted for this country. He just wants us all to come together today as Americans. What a revelation!

Glenn says we need to find fifty six leaders in America, the same number that signed the Declaration of Independence, to rally around. These fifty six leaders, people like himself and Sarah Palin, will fight to rid the country of the corruption of Godlessness and Communism, characterized by organizations such as ACORN, that are strangling the basic ideals that this country was founded on. Then America will be the strongest nation in the World once more. He says all good Americans, even Democrats and some Negros, will realize the rightness of this. This movement will start in places like Texas, where the people are naturally more pure and righteous. Who could argue with that? I have always recognized the basic superiority of the Texican race. I think most people do. So pure, so fair, so unbiased. I'm sure he means Utah as well but his natural humility precludes him from mentioning it in public. He's truly one of nature's gentlemen.

It's good that Glenn is keeping the politicians out of the spotlight at this Tea Party today. The only two he's talked to, so far, that are there and I'm sure there are many, are Jim De Ment (SC) and Mike Pence (IN). No one can argue with their honesty and integrity. They both come from States where violent racism and organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were so strong, for so long, that the politicians from there now go out of their way to be completely fair, honest and unbiased, just like Glenn and the rest of the staff at Fox News. I'm sure he would have had a couple of the better Democratic Congressmen on, to balance things out, if there were any who aren't Atheists and Communists. Joe Lieberman probably isn't available today, it's his Sabbath, you know. He's a Liberal but a good man, you can just tell.

I have to quit now. My heart is so full with the pride of being American that I can't go on. I'm going to go sit quietly in my backyard and cry. Maybe after that, I'll sacrifice a goat and burn it on my alter.

Wrap up: There is no consensus on how many were in attendance at Glenn's big Tea Party in Washington, today. Media outlets never ventured to report more than "thousands". Somebody found a local fireman paramedic on the scene, who said his organization was using 60,000 as a working number. Conservative spinners are quoting between 250,000 and 1.2 million. No liberal spinners are in evidence. They are pretending it didn't happen. One thing for sure. The crowd was all white. Lower middle class. Not burdened with an excess of education. You can spin it anyway you want but the main objective of this demonstration was to promote the social values of White separatist, Christian fundamentalist, social conservatives. We used to call them Neo Nazis but there are more of them now, without so much blatantly inflammatory rhetoric and skin art. Meet the founding fathers of the second American revolution.

One last question. What does Glenn Beck's Million Moron March have to do with 9/11 and the continuing Global War on Terrorism, that the Right seems to have completely forgotten about, along with George W. Bush, except when jostling and mumbling insults under their breath at a fat, silent, dark robed, Islamic woman, standing alone in the supermarket checkout line? Yeah, they're really standing at the gates of Vienna.

There is no doubt Glenn has tapped into something significant here but is he building a vital political movement or simply draining foul pus from the wounds of a bitter and septic White racist minority?


Steve Harkonnen said...

How on earth do you find that it's a racist movement?

Just because Obama is black doesn't make the movement racist whatsoever.

While the movement in DC is politically motivated, it is by far not racist at all.

Using the words racist, racism, or "you hate Obama because he's black" are all worn out straw men when a defense for the left cannot be justified.

The march carried over two million protesters who are sick and tired of Obama.

Personally, I'd like to see him ousted from office.

reddog said...

As far as I can tell, Barry is exactly the kind of President he told America he would be, before they elected him by a majority. He's not a Communist agent, or an Islamic sleeper. The Left wing is not very satisfied with a lot of the things he is doing. The Right wing is livid, even though so far, he is mostly continuing Bush policies in the areas of the economy and national defense. Bill Clinton was considered a centrist. Barry is even more so.

I understand why the Republican base don't like him. They are free to agitate and demonstrate all they want. Their rhetoric, though, is race based and not very thinly veiled. The racist nature of the movement is also evident in it's demographics. They have their "Black spokespeople" but the membership consists of middle aged and older Whites, from the South and allied, Southern settled Midwestern areas. Many of the leaders don't believe any of the crap they are selling any more than I do but it's the product they have to sell to gain the power they want.

Maybe this new White Power American populist movement will gain ground and produce enough electoral success to put them in power. I doubt it. This group has always been and will always be a peripheral voting block, manipulated by others.

The Bush administration was neocon, not populist, Christian fundamentalist, or even that Socially conservative. They could have cut government spending, rolled back abortion rights and put God back in the public schools if they wanted to. They didn't. Bush was no intellectual but no hayseed either. He went to Yale, Harvard and was a member of Skull and Bones. He is the eldest son of one of the most powerful Brahmin families in America.

This South centered, socially conservative, populist movement has established their strategy to build support. Time will tell if it will be effective. They have three years until the next election. If they win, it's all right with me. I'm old and White. I guess I'll get by.

I don't think it will happen. I'd never vote for anybody remotely like Sarah or Glenn but what do I know. I'm just one guy and I'm wrong a lot.

You say you're not particularly religious. You probably don't believe in or care about a lot of the stuff these guys are spouting. You're probably not a racist. You seem to be willing to go along with it because there are other things in their package you like. That's kind of the way I am with the Democrats. We all make choices don't we. There is no reason to become a true believer because of that. I'm not trying to convert anybody. Believe whatever you want but be smart. Keep your mind open. Life is a learning experience.

The Deuce said...

...White separatist, Christian fundamentalist, social conservatives. We used to call them Neo Nazis...

Funny, I don't recall any time that socially conservative Christian fundamentalists were generally called Neo Nazis. And, on the other hand, the actual Neo Nazis I've seen (as a kid in Berlin) didn't strike me as socially conservative fundamentalist Christians.

Now, I could be wrong. It's possible that the shaved heads/mohawks and tattoos were a symbolic rite for some ultra-repressive monastic order, that they were carrying Bibles underneath their chains and leather jackets, and that they were on their way to Sunday School to hear a lesson on why sex and Jews are bad.

On the other hand, it's possible that you're the sort of socially stunted moron who thinks that "Nazi" is a reasonable stand-in for "person who's views I don't like".

reddog said...

Right on, Deuce. If God was talking to me, I'd spread the word too. It's a free country, so far.

God's not talking to me. Do you think he's pissed off? I always tried to be a good boy. Maybe I need to head on down to PopeMart and buy some indulgences. Maybe more than a few.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I caught the recent article by Pat Buchanan. Look that one up and check it out, for he's right on about what he's saying - our country is being torn apart.

Loose names being tossed back and forth and an awareness where even I've said to my wife "but where do they sit politically" in times when she wants to go out with fellow teachers and such.

I know Obama isn't a sleeper, Muslim, or a Commie agent, but to be honest, I don't like what I see.

Racist, definitely no. I worked for 20 years alongside people of color.

However, I wouldn't even vote for the white half of Obama. Not by a long shot.

While he may not be what the paranoics claim him to be, there's a lot of people from the left that despise him as well.

reddog said...

I read Pat's article last week. He's gotten more reasonable over the last few years. As the Right gets more and more wacky, he's starting to seem pretty middle of the road.

He's a smart guy with a Jesuit education. Makes some good points. A lot of what he says is true. I guess the question is what do you want to do about it. You notice he doesn't offer any answers.